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As Llw sub task 2 actions secondary implodes a fissile "spark plug" at its center ignites and provides neutrons and heat which enable the lithium deuteride fusion fuel to produce tritium and ignite as well.

Sabu won the task for blue team defeating Ranjini. In some cancer types, prolongation of the fraction schedule over too long can allow for the tumor to begin repopulating, and for these tumor types, including head-and-neck and cervical squamous cell cancers, radiation treatment is preferably completed within a certain amount of time.

When treating liver malignancies and Llw sub task 2 actions, it is possible for collateral radiation to cause gastric, stomach or duodenal ulcers [13] [14] This collateral radiation is commonly caused by non-targeted delivery reflux of the radioactive agents being infused.

In both cases the feed material is placed inside a nuclear reactor and removed for processing after a period of time. The nested spheres at the top are the fission primary; the cylinders below are the fusion secondary device.

In addition, this draft revision to the guidance also clarifies the meaning of disposal relative to 10 CFR This is a radiation treatment in which the total dose of radiation is divided into large doses.

However, in warheads yielding more than one megaton, the diameter of a spherical secondary would be too large for most applications. For Llw sub task 2 actions reason, tritium is included in nuclear weapon components only when it causes more fission than its production sacrifices, namely in the case of fusion-boosted fission.

The primary's fission reaction has run to completion, and the primary is now at several million degrees and radiating gamma and hard X-rays, heating up the inside of the hohlraumthe shield, and the secondary's tamper. Swelling As part of the general inflammation that occurs, swelling of soft tissues may cause problems during radiation therapy.

The surface of the pusher for the secondary is now so hot that it is also ablating or expanding away, pushing the rest of the secondary tamper, fusion fuel, and fissile spark plug inwards. In North America, Australia, and Europe, the typical fractionation schedule for adults is 1.

Data obtained from this test, and others, culminated in the eventual deployment of the highest yielding US nuclear weapon known, and the highest yield-to-weight weapon ever madea three-stage thermonuclear weapon with a maximum "dirty" yield of 25 megatons, designated as the B41 nuclear bombwhich was to be carried by U.

To avoid a chain reaction during handling, the fissile material in the weapon must be sub-critical before detonation. Dirty version shown here, before its test. Because the Soviet Sloika test used dry lithium-6 deuteride eight months before the first U. The lack of compression makes such designs inefficient, but the simplicity and small diameter make it suitable for use in artillery shells and atomic demolition munitions — ADMs — also known as backpack or suitcase nukes ; an example is the W48 artillery shell, the smallest nuclear weapon ever built or deployed.

Suresh gave the golden key to Basheer and he ruled the house till the night. A third technique is to enhance the radiosensitivity of the cancer by giving certain drugs during a course of radiation therapy.

Mouth, throat and stomach sores If the head and neck area is treated, temporary soreness and ulceration commonly occur in the mouth and throat. It was weaponized as the Robin primary and became the first off-the-shelf, multi-use primary, and the prototype for all that followed.

Federal Rulemaking Web Site: The provisions and functions necessary for the retrieval and inspection of spent fuel and potential inspection regimes are discussed, including consideration of changes to the retrieval and inspection regimes as materials age and their characteristics change.

The bulk of Fat Man's girth was the implosion mechanism, namely concentric layers of U, aluminium, and high explosives. In particular, tumors in the head-and-neck demonstrate this behavior.

Cardiovascular disease Radiation can increase the risk of heart disease and death as observed in previous breast cancer RT regimens. Accordingly, EPA developed rather stringent safety standards to assure the safety of the overall repository system. The small, cone-shaped re-entry vehicles in multiple-warhead ballistic missiles after tended to have warheads with spherical secondaries, and yields of a few hundred kilotons.

Before the detonation, the uranium was formed into two sub-critical pieces, one of which was later fired down a gun barrel to join the other, starting the nuclear explosion. Due to complex radiobiologyvery large tumors respond less well to radiation than smaller tumors or microscopic disease.

The rationale for this decision was undoubtedly a combination of the lower yield and grave safety issues associated with the gun-type design. Oxygen is a potent radiosensitizerincreasing the effectiveness of a given dose of radiation by forming DNA-damaging free radicals.

As plutonium cools, changes in phase result in distortion and cracking. By holding everything together for a few hundred nanoseconds more, the efficiency was increased. One of the major limitations of photon radiation therapy is that the cells of solid tumors become deficient in oxygen.

Despite its inefficiency, this design, because of its shape, was adapted for use in small-diameter, cylindrical artillery shells a gun-type warhead fired from the barrel of a much larger gun. Its obvious advantage is that a hollow shell of plutonium, shock-deformed and driven inward toward its empty center, would carry momentum into its violent assembly as a solid sphere.

Delivery parameters of a prescribed dose are determined during treatment planning part of dosimetry. RCRA was established in and has been amended several times since enactment. This schedule, known as a concomitant boost regimen or hyperfractionation, is used on tumors that regenerate more quickly when they are smaller.

The effect of radiotherapy on control of cancer has been shown to be limited to the first five years after surgery, particularly for breast cancer. LLW Sub-Task 2 Actions WEB SEARCH RECORD Reference Sub-Task 2 Actions Working S -T Providing a record of the search for and the obtaining of information from the World Wide Web.


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Subject Team. Mrs L McCann Mr K Collins Mrs K Mullan. GCSE. Exam Board: CCEA. Controlled Assessment Task 1 – Personal Development topic Controlled Assessmet Task 2 – Employability topic. Subject News/Events – Information coming soon – Educational Visits/Trips. Introduction to the Safety, Security and Environmental Report (SSER) The Safety, Security and Environmental Report (SSER) for the proposed UK EPR™ design addresses the requirements of the ONR and EA Generic Design Assessment process.

It provides design, safety and environmental information wich has supported the detailed assessment of the UK EPR™ design against UK safety. APPENDIX 2 Southwark Council’s response to the Mayor of London’s Health Inequalities Strategy consultation For example, priority should be given to actions that have the biggest potential to reduce inequality in life expectancy (e.g.

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smoking, early years, income inequality). These sub-tasks should have only two transition actions to chose from - Approve and Reject Once all these subtasks are approved, the parent issue can move automatically to Approved Status.

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If however, any one of these sub-tasks get rejected, the parent issue can move to Rejected Status automatically. 2.

Radiation therapy

Recommendations To review progress to date. To consider whether the proposals for adequately address the recommendations, and whether any additional or different actions are needed.

Llw sub task 2 actions
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