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Advanced People Flow solutions Advanced People Flow Solutions integrate equipment and devices Kone monospace one holistic smart building solution. This makes it easy and cost-efficient to construct. Click to read more. Turnstiles Learn more about KONE turnstiles — stylish and durable access control solutions for managing people flow in your building.

These fixtures mostly have barrel shaped and rectangular buttons with illuminating halo and digital floor indicators.

TravelMaster Learn more about the highly eco-efficient KONE TravelMaster escalator — Kone monospace for retail environments to ensure a pleasant shopping experience.


The buttons can be black or metallic, and have illuminating halo which light up in green or red. Monitoring solutions KONE E-Link is a facilities management tool designed to secure the best possible tenant service quality in the building.

Passengers can select their desired floor on a standard car operating panel, avoiding any confusion, while people flow on public decks is significantly improved.

Hermetic doors Discover our hermetic doors for environments where hygiene and noise control are critical. Infotainment solutions Discover Kone monospace Infotainment solutions — a convenient way to share content as well as building and safety information in elevator cars and other building areas.

Destination solutions Unlike conventional elevator control systems, our control system accounts to desired destination floors and the number of waiting passengers. Exceptionally space efficient, it needs no machine room, making it easy to position and reducing construction time and costs.

Remote Room — Versatile controller option which can be positioned up to 43 wire metres away from the top landing. It provides energy-efficient vertical transport in a compact space, and as there is no machine room, it can even serve the topmost deck.

At the time of the casethe price competition in the elevator industry was constantly increasing and the profit margins were decreasing as the products offered by competitors had little differentiation. Advanced People Flow solutions Existing buildings Discover our high-quality solutions for the maintenance and modernization of elevators, escalators, and automatic doors — all from one trusted supplier Maintenance Different maintenance and service packages for elevators, escalators and building doors.

The company should market the MonoSpace as being in between the hydraulic and the geared traction elevators.


Advanced People Flow Solutions Make your building more attractive to tenants with the latest smart solutions for increased security, comfort and convenience.

They are also ideal for solving bottlenecks during ship embarkation and disembarkation and, when the galley is below the restaurant, they can help waiters move smoothly between decks.

Click to read more. Advanced People Flow solutions Advanced People Flow Solutions integrate equipment and devices into one holistic smart building solution. Floor indicators are mechanical and usually missing. The freight elevator version has bigger yellow buttons in the black surface mounted panel.

Click to read more. They have small black plastic buttons in the flush mounted metal panel. TranSys KONE Transys is a powerful and high-performance elevator solution, ideal for a multitude of demanding freight transportation tasks.

Adjacent Room — Cost efficient room adjacent to the hoistway at the top landing.

Kone MonoSpace

This decision is the best for KONE to improve its financial situation. Integrated Control - The smallest controller option located inside the front hoistway wall at the top landing.

Click here to learn more. Please contact a KONE representative for more information Clear Overhead must be less than 16ft Clear Overhead must be at least 60 inches greater then the Car Height Clear Overhead must be at least 62 inches greater then the Car Height Clear Overhead must be at least 65 inches greater then the Car Height Clear Overhead must be at least inches for integrated controller configurations Control Location Verify Control location selection is permissible with local code authority or contact your local KONE sales professional.

KONE: The MonoSpace Launch in Germany Case Solution.


It is expected that the management of the company is facing certain number of threats with respect to the environment of the Germany because of the declining phase of economy and price wars due to intense competition, which could exert an extra pressure on the management of the company however,there are certain opportunities in front of KONE.

KONE MonoSpace will be positioned to demonstrate the key benefits of the EcoDisc, which include energy efficiency, small modernized motor, smaller fuse. Discover the KONE MonoSpacea versatile elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings.

MonoSpace Discover the KONE MonoSpacea flexible, high-quality elevator for low to mid-rise buildings. The KONE MonoSpace adds value to commercial and residential buildings which have demanding people flow and ride comfort requirements.

It features a broad range of interior options, superb ride comfort and excellent eco-efficiency. KONE N Monospace is a completely renewed flexible lift solution for both residential and commercial buildings.

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Discover the KONE N MonoSpace, a completely renewed elevator solution for residential and commercial buildings. S MonoSpace Discover the KONE S MonoSpace, a flexible elevator for low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings.

Kone monospace
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KONE MonoSpace® passenger lift