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Right to Education and No Detention Policy

Under this policy, the students up to class VIII are automatically promoted to the next class without being held back even if they do not get a passing Favour of cce system. Affective domain In the past system of Education there is no such scope to assess a child over this Affective Domain.

I would like to point out that all my examples about written evaluations are just that: There are lakhs of profession but leaving all those opportunities all are running behind these three options which is the deciding factor for high expectation.

CCE system for Class 10 will not reduce burden on students, say experts

The board has also instructed the schools to prepare the report card and it will be duly signed by the principal, the student. But by the time most students reach college age, they have already decided that questions and experiments are dangerous, and the safest course is to memorize, repeat, and tuck everything into a neat plastic binder.

She says that written Favour of cce system are more inspiring. However due to acquisition of additional life skills, like Favour of cce system and emotional skills, they are expected to meet different life situations with greater maturity. Next, my opponent brings up the point that there are many examples of good ways to motivate students, and that written evaluations are just one of these ways.

The failure of a child is the failure of the system as a whole, rather than that of the child. Co-relation with a real-life situation - Whether the situation given matches any real-life situation, like tsunamisfloodstropical cyclonesetc. The board has also instructed the schools to prepare the report card and it will be duly signed by the principal, the student.

I would like to point out that adjusting to high school-type grading system isn't hard, and that once again, it is more important to focus on kids' individual strengths and weaknesses, instead of just handing out generic grades.

Report this Argument Pro I apologize, I am out of town and will be unable to respond to the last round. There is no easy way to measure learning.

By handing them back a paper with a big red letter on the top, we are saying "Here, you fall into this category. I would like to point out that with or without the presence of a grade, whether or not students do extra will not change.

CCE system for Class 10 will not reduce burden on students, say experts

Finally, for his fourth contention he claims that since teachers have so many students, it's Favour of cce system for them to determine how many people understand. So, evaluating a child in only one area is totally obstacle.

Some teachers have objected to two features of the new system — the assessment pattern and the marking criteria.

Students who do not care about learning, which includes the category of "indifferent students", will not see "the fun of not knowing how well you can do" as an incentive, since they do not actively care about "knowing".

In case of school-based exams, the exams are conducted within their own school and answers are evaluated by the teachers of the school. However, teachers still grade all of those papers, so yes, there may be a lot of them, but the sheer amount is not going to stop a teacher from paying attention to the quality of the work.

Instead of proposing the changes in the learning process, we are victimising the children. Finally, in response to my final contention, my opponent says that teachers don't need to use a grading system in order to see what students understand. Critics also state that students' workload has not actually gone down because even though exams have been reduced, stressed students wrestle with projects and oral tests all the year round.

The teacher will also play a major role. Why CCE is necessitate to acquire In the past system, the students undergo severe stress and strain in the wake of competition.

My opponent says that an overall grade increases stress. Some teachers have objected to two features of the new system — the assessment pattern and the marking criteria.

However, I would like to point out that the purpose of "middle" school is to be the transition period between elementary and high school, and adjusting to the high school grading system is an important part of middle school. Though this may appear to be true at first, in actuality, if we eliminate grades, we are making life much more stressful for these students in their future.

The letters themselves provide no real feedback, just as a gauge for what category you fall into. Therefor, the same result is accomplished in a less stressful way.

The second SA-2 will be conducted after the next two formatives. At the end of the year, the CBSE processes the result by adding the formative score to the summative score, i. Scheme of CCE is expected to help the child make informed choice of subjects in class XI based on his aptitude, interests, liking, and academic performance.

Advantages of CCE System in CBSE

In response to my contention about kids being more focused on getting grades, my opponent claims that whether we have grades or not, the extra amount of extra learning won't change, and that grades have other benefits, which we should be focusing on, like the fact that they are a "simple way of looking at how much they understand what's being taught".

I agree, that's not what I meant when I made that statement.

Will removal of CBSE CCE pattern benefit students?

Advantages of CCE System in CBSE CCE helps in reducing stress of students by – Identifying learning progress of students at regular.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) A reform in Indian Education Introduction As a result of Government policy over reform in Indian Education system, the CBSE has introduced the new system. With the implementation of the CCE or the continuous and comprehensive evaluation, many changes were brought to the education system suddenly!

Sme of the students feel it. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation was a process of assessment, mandated by the Right to Education Act, of India in This approach to assessment had been introduced by state governments in India, as well as by the Central Board of Secondary Education in India, for students of sixth to tenth grades and twelfth in some degisiktatlar.com: 6th to 10th & 12th.

The grading system for the CBSE Board has a few advantages, with the main one being making the structure easy to understand by anyone who may have an interest in the achievements of particular students: Rather than seeing a mark, they will have access to a.

Sep 01,  · Will removal of CBSE CCE pattern benefit students? procedures and methodologies of the CCE system but they have to have an impartial and fair attitude above all human weaknesses like temptations to favor students on the basis of their caste, creed, age, gender, language, religion and such other things.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Favour of cce system
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