Brand preference of grameenphone subscriber in

As already mentioned, the survey was conducted among thirty GrameenPhone subscribers; it was conducted in three way direct appointment, over telephone and with the help of email.

GP launches life insurance to customers

GP is not market leader as they follow others. They are walk-in people. Competitive Scenario Interestingly, Grameenphone Ltd.

Whenever job vacancies are required to be circulated outside, the main objective will be to attract a pool of candidates to apply from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen.

Board meets at least four times a year. Multimedia Messaging Multimedia Messaging Service MMS is an exciting way to share special moments such as birthdays, weddings and holiday pictures with loved ones.

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GrameenPhone wishes to pay rewarding and competitive salaries to attract, retain and motivate competent and skilled employees at all levels of the Company. Their market share is increasing, keeping pace with the growth rate of the market. The issuance of release order is contingent on the following: Their must be no facial expression.

Brand Preference of Grameenphone Subscriber in Bangladesh

So at the behest of Dr. To make telecommunication accessible to the mass market, GP has set up its POS in the most convenient areas of the districts under the GP network.

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Easy to understand, easy to use and easy to get hold of products and services. GrameenPhone has not created any new technology, but it has established a new way, compatible with economic and social circumstances in rural Bangladesh, to provide access to telephones for the rural people in Bangladesh.

GP could have avoid these problems through training their customers on the proper use of handling phones, training on handsets and also informing them about the rules and regulations of the company individually as a part of value added service. Gratuity Gratuity is paid to an employee for providing a life time service to the Company.

We offer real value. Good pre paid service would bring more revenue. Shareholders of Grameenphone Figure 5: Though the product offer of GrameenPhone is not attractive compare to other operators, it provides the best network and customer service.

Grameen Phone crosses 1(one)core subscriber mark GrameenPhone Ltd., the largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, has recently crossed the 1(one)core subscriber-mark milestone.

The company more than doubled its subscriber-base. Grameenphone became the first operator in the country to reach the million subscribers. November Grameenphone registered more than 5 million subscribers. Logos of grameen phone: Vertical logo: Horizontal logo: Building brand preference Encouraging switching to Grameenphone Changing customer’s perception of product attributes 5/5(13).

Conducting monthly and quarterly brand health tracking report of Grameenphone covering brand NPS, preference, price competitiveness, ad likability and other KPIs Responsible for Consumer digital Panel -a online tool for instant customer pulse through emotion AI Experience in GA & Subscriber Title: Market Insight Analyst at.

Internet: Grameenphone provides Internet service in its coverage area. As it has EDGE/GPRS/3G/4G enabled network, any subscriber can access to internet through this network.

Grameenphone was the first mobile operator in Bangladesh to offer EDGE and 3G 4G services to its subscribers. Brand Preference of Grameenphone Subscriber in Bangladesh Chapter 1: Introduction 1 Origin of the report This report is a requirement of the Internship program of BBA curriculum at the Khulna University This report is made under the supervision of Feroz Ahmed, Dean, Management and Business Administration School, Khulna University -.

Human Resource Activities of GrameenPhone Limited GrameenPhone Ltd. has stepped into its 13th year of operation, having completed its 10th year on March 26, It is the leading telecommunications service provider in the country with more than 14 million subscribers as of June

Brand preference of grameenphone subscriber in
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